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Virtual Reality Panoramas
Commercial Photography
Virtual Reality Panoramas
I offer professional quality full 360 degree virtual reality panoramas that are among the best in America. VR's are currently on the cutting edge of presentation and therefore a great way to draw visitors to your site. VR's have an advantage over still photography in that the viewer can interact with the subject and look in any direction. This makes VR's a great tool for real estate (especially in remote cases), hotel, resort, tourism, parks and recreation.....etc. Also called Photo VR, Quicktime VR, Virtual Reality, 3D-VR or Virtual Tours, the correct term is "spherical" or "cubical" panorama. Visit the VR page for samples and more information on how a VR can be used for advertising, promotional, or educational purposes.
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Commercial Photography
This gallery uses the term "commercial" as anything pertaining to advertising, stock, sales, or promotional work (although all the photos on this site could be used in one form or another for some kind of ad). I first began commercial work over 10 years ago for a public relations department. Due to speed considerations, these images have been highly compressed, and some may exhibit jpeg atifacts that are not present in the original photos.
I've been taking landscapes longer than any other kind of photo, and in nearly every environment on the continent. The Landscapes gallery showcases a diverse but very limited selection of these.
Looking for something more specialized? In addition to what you see here, I also do aerial photography, high dynamic range photography, and black and white infra-red photography. Contact me for samples.
If you are interested in my skills or vision, please contact me through email or by phone. Whether you need work done at the North Pole, Death Valley, a posh lounge or an underground steel foundary, I'm comfortable everywhere and available to do work anywhere in the world.

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